Time Machine Jewelry Collection

Time Machine

Imagine a world of forgotten machines and lost knowledge…

You are a time traveler, marooned in the past. Your time machine has broken down, reduced to mere parts. There is no chance of fixing it; the proper tools do not exist in this primitive world.

You are left with fragments from another time, proof that humankind will someday achieve wondrous things. These pieces are a painful reminder of a future not yet realized for thousands of years.

The local tribes-people have a superstitious belief in magical things. They wear jewelry that contains mystical symbols found in nature. They believe that these symbols are the key to shifting between different worlds and different times.

So you use the scrap parts from your time machine to fashion necklaces and other jewelry, creating powerful talismans similar to the tribes-folk.

It is within these symbols that a new spirituality is born; one that combines human ingenuity with the power of the natural world.

Perhaps these talismans are the key to finding your way back to your own time…

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