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Ode To My Computer…

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Poetry, Technology

It thinks It has an opinion
It thinks that It’s alive
But when I want It to do something
All It does is shuck and jive

I bought It as a tool
Like a hammer to a nail
But when it comes time for work
It has a tendency to fail

I try to talk some sense to It
To be a sensitive guy
But nonetheless It fails me
And I’m left here asking why

So I bought another unit
To make up for Its mistake
But now I own two lemons
And I have twice the headache

Now I’m out of money
And frustrated to boot
All I wanted was a machine
That acted like a tool

But then I have an idea
Maybe I’ll start from scratch!
If I erase Its memory
Perhaps we’ll be a better match

But as fate would have it
Amnesia wasn’t the trick
My Computer had other plans
And now It’s really acting sick

Error warnings left and right
My face is flashing red
The only thing that seems to work
Is when I pull the plug dead

Now I have less headaches
Now I feel more alive
Since I’ve kept the power off
I get more exercise

No more lame excuses
No more silly games
Just a carcass of a computer
Used as a paper weight…


Posted: July 9, 2009 in Poetry

The mountains are my mistress.

I explore the rise and fall of her breasts, walking along this lonely path, feeling her smooth contours, resting in the protection of her valleys.

She both welcomes and chastises me like a lover who is not always easy to please, familiar in places, yet mysterious along the ineffable landscape of her body.

She is responsive to my touch, yet aloof to the inconsequential footprints I leave on her skin as I make every step a devotion.

When I am here, I am closest to nature, closest to death, walking a path between peril and salvation.

When I am here, I am closest to life, as my own body comes alive, feeling the grind of bone and muscle as I take each step, tasting the sweet air that is the breath of my lover.

When I am away, I dream of her unfound depths, places yet unexplored by my wandering feet.

I have yearned for her, sweated for her, bled for her.

She haunts my dreams and sobers my wake.

Her size both defeats and cajols me ever onward, and I am not walking with her as much as I am carried away by her.

It is only an illusion that I am able to keep my feet about me, because I know deep down that she could swallow me anytime she wanted, uniting us forever in the depths of her unconquered hollows, or propel me to places on high, as I dance in the shallows of the clouds…

An Ode To The Working Man…

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Poetry

Restless winds

Brought on by eager cars

Heavy trains

Scampering people

Packed in

All in?

All aboard!

Evil music

Playing into the night

Like a lunatic’s lullaby

I am aperature.

Melancholy cats

Pining away for their masters

Gone rats

Tapdancing across train tracks



Pull your weight!

Don’t be late!

You’ll be great!

But not today

You are everyday’s man

And this is everyman’s day

Business as usual

All work, no play

Even children labor under the toils of their games

Chasing waning shadows

Beyond dusk’s horizon

Gone long

Done gone

Gone wrong

Long gone day…