Posted: June 10, 2013 in Philosophy

            CrystalsThe quest for identity, I believe, is one of the most fundamental concerns of a human life.  I think that most people want to get their minds wrapped around who they are.  Everybody wants to belong to something in some way or form.  People tend to identify with myths that speak to them and iconography that inspires them.  We then incorporate these ideas into our own lives, grafting them into our own personalities, spawning new visions of reality in an ever-evolving multiplicity of beliefs.

            Why ever meet anyone new?  Why challenge ourselves with the beliefs and complexities of another person?  Why not just surround ourselves with a plethora of cherished followers who always agree with our point of view?

            We are so quick to decide just exactly who we are, our likes and dislikes, passions and prejudices, often basing these ideas from pre-established myths.  By rushing to define ourselves, we cease truly being open-minded and become rigid in our personalities.  It is this hardening of our identities that I like to call the ‘crystallized ego.‘  Much in the same way that crystals form from a liquid substance or the way that stalactites and icicles are formed, our substance becomes something adamantine.  We move from being open to receive and experience new horizons to essentially sheltering ourselves from that which we fear or don’t understand. 

            Is there a way to accept others’ beliefs without threatening the integrity of our own beliefs?  In the grandeur of this cosmic game we’re playing with ourselves, we forget that we are all one.  It is through others that we are able to see ourselves more clearly.  It is good to challenge our belief systems continuously to validate them and see their dynamics working in our lives.  Why not show self-security through tolerance and acceptance?  After all…there is a place in this Universe for everybody.

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