The Past Life Experiment 005 – A New Momentum

Posted: May 11, 2010 in The Past Life Experiment


To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite Chevelle songs, the time feels right to embark upon a “new momentum.” Approximately 10 years ago, I wrote down a list of the things I wanted to achieve creatively. This list included projects that were currently underway, avenues I had yet to pursue. Even more vague, were ambitious projects that were so enormous in scope that they seemed relegated to the realm of daydreams. All said, the list was populated, at the time, by about 30 projects or so. There were grandiose plans for albums of music, volumes of books, and catalogues of art. Certainly, there was enough to keep one busy for a lifetime; if one was given a long enough timeline, and if busywork was the desired lifestyle.

What ended up happening over the years was a sort of refinement towards these objectives. Some projects became more urgent, others lost their relevancy, and still others became mutated combinations of previously slated projects. This had the effect of essentially reducing my ongoing project list, and streamlining my work to represent a more realistic way of actually accomplishing these goals.

I have always sought to utilize the natural energy contained within the different seasons. This is not a forceful wielding of the power of the seasons, but a calm recognition of how to flow with the particular energies that cycle around each year. These energies amplify my own determination to bring my reality into existence.

Spring is a time of renewal, of expansion, and of positive momentum. In the spirit of renewal, I have found that it is important to periodically reexamine one’s goals and priorities. Life is constantly changing, and it is good to structure goals around the adaptability that life requires. Do my goals still work for the current conditions of my life? What are my plans for all of these lofty goals?

Over time, I have seen some of these goals mature into fruition. What I have come to realize is that typically, the more clearly I can imagine something, the more likely it will come into existence. There is nothing quite like seeing an idea manifest itself into reality, especially in a way that is meaningful to others.

The purpose and drive behind my work is to touch other people’s lives. It is not enough anymore to simply create things for my own satisfaction, but to reach out to others and hopefully enrich their lives. I have seen how it is possible to make a difference, and it is with this in mind that I work to carry out a new momentum.

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