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Disney, one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world, has just purchased Marvel Comics, clinching yet another foothold along its quest for complete dominion over the minds of our children. Having virtually no rivals, the Disney Corporation has pervasive influence in cinema, cable television, the music industry, and now comics. What a terrible day for those of us who relished Marvel Comics for the ways in which it was very much non-Disney-ish. So now what? Are my favorite superheroes like Wolverine, Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk going to become Disney-fied, interrupting their regularly scheduled battles with the forces of evil in order to break out in song and dance numbers by Elton John? Will we get to see the “softer side” of some of our grittier characters? In other words, will the standard “Disney formula” be applied to future Marvel projects, essentially making them more kid friendly? The fact that Disney now has domain over the future direction of Marvel Comics makes me sick!

Why am I outraged? Why am I picking on poor, innocent, kid- and parent-approved Disney? Well…if one has done their research, Disney is not that innocent. Disney has a history of inserting subliminal subversive messages into their films, as well as eroticizing minors on their cable programs and movies. Have we forgotten that it was “kid-friendly” Disney that brought us Brittney Spears, whom I consider to be the epitome of underage sex appeal, bubblegum insanity, and lackluster talent? What about Lindsey Lohan? Here’s another stellar role model from the mold of the Disney corporate pimp machine. Disney arguably has done some good for children, helping to instill values upon young impressionable minds, and has produced some relatively entertaining material over the years. But it is exactly these double-standards that make me wary of Disney.

As I stated before, Disney is pervasive, holding a near monopoly on children’s entertainment. I know of parents that absolutely trust Disney to “help raise” their children, because they believe that it is wholesome. One mother told me that she likes the Disney Channel because she doesn’t have to worry about the programming being a bad influence on her kids. But these are not the days of Walt Disney, before his cartoon creations became the juggernaut media conglomerate that it is today. Disney has long been taken over by corporate goons who use the Disney namesake to peddle their own agendas. The name “Disney” evokes powerful childhood attachments and memories, and to most, the fact that something is Disney, means that the product will be trusted. It is for these reasons that Disney has become so dangerous.

Innocence has been infused with smut. Storytelling has been relegated to a cheesy formula, designed to play on the nostalgia that Walt Disney created. How many more formulaic “kids movies” starring the tragically misunderstood heroine and her plucky sidekicks can we stand? First, Disney hijacks a bevy of Grimms Fairy Tales, retelling the stories without the darkest parts, and now they’ve hijacked Marvel Comics.

This is truly a sad day for comics fans…